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Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of the Arts Degree
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Organizational Leadership degree can be completed in as little as 4 semesters.

The Organizational Leadership program is designed for those who seek to strengthen their leadership capabilities in corporate, non-profit, government or community organizations. Students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while learning to be effective leaders. Students will increase their capacity to understand and lead strategic change and renewal in organizations. This degree is offered only in Pillar College’s LEAD (Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree) program. Through LEAD, the Organizational Leadership degree can be completed in as little as 4 Semesters.

Pillar College offers adult students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree for the advancement of their professional careers and for personal achievement through our Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree (LEAD) program. The LEAD program provides a small classroom experience where students are taught and mentored by qualified professors whose resumes include years of workplace experience in their content area. Cohorts, a collaborative small group format, progress through a well-planned series of courses and experiences leading to the completion of a bachelor’s degree in less than 2 years.

Created with the demands of busy professionals in mind, LEAD requires students to meet just one night per week, utilizing a small group format. Students will become part of a cohort, an individualized group that takes classes together along the same track, scheduled at convenient times and locations. The cohort format allows students to find peer support in addition to the myriad of academic resources that are available.

Experience counts with LEAD, and it can give participants a head start in obtaining a degree. Students accepted in LEAD can convert their life experiences and prior learning into credits through portfolio assessments and prior learning assessment that can translate in up to 30 credits for life learning, a savings of one year less in tuition and classroom time.

  • Complete your degree without interrupting your career
  • Classes meet just one night a week
  • Take one class at a time – You do not have to balance several courses at once
  • An interactive, participatory seminar-type learning experience – Leverage the knowledge you have acquired and past practical experience for immediate application in your professional and personal life.
  • Convert the knowledge and skills acquired outside the classroom into college credits – Complete any outstanding General Education (GE) and Free Elective (FE) credits through Prior Learning Assessment

Students will increase their expertise as they prepare to go to the next level in their careers. Many Pillar College LEAD graduates have received promotions at work, have been accepted at graduate institutions and have enjoyed access to new occupations in business and ministry.


Students are eligible to enter the LEAD program having:
Completed approximately 48 semester hours from an accredited institution of higher learning including completion of English Composition I (non-accredited courses will be evaluated on a case by case basis including life learning credits.) A GPA of 2.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale) on all prior academic work. Completed an application packet including the application form, official transcripts, two recommendations, and an essay.

B.A. in Organizational Leadership

Required Courses:
BUSM: Organizational Development
BUSM: Project Management
BUSM: Understanding the Multicultural Organization
BUSM: Administrative Leadership

The B.A. in Organizational Leadership degree can lead to numerous careers including, however, not limited to:
Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources Director, Management Consultant, Senior Employment Analyst, Financial Analyst, Marketing Consultant, General Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Entrepreneur

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Meet the Program Chair

Vivian Ramirez
Director of the LEAD Department

60 Park Place, Suite 701
Newark, NJ 07102