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Concentrations: General Leadership, Healthy Leaders and Ministries, Church and Community Transformation, Women in Ministry

Become the Leader your Church and Organization needs with a Master’s in Ministry Leadership.  Complete in as little as 3 Semesters. The MA in Ministry Leadership Program (MAML Program) is a 48-credit, cohort-based program designed to produce academically, ethically, and spiritually competent professional ministry leaders who are inspirational, motivational, and theologically sound. People of faith expect the leaders of their local churches to deliver a variety of diverse services, including sound preaching and teaching, organizational leadership, community services, and marriage and family counseling. It is incumbent upon the church to assure that its leaders are properly educated and equipped with the content knowledge, dispositions, and research-based practices to serve with the highest level of quality, skill, and integrity.

Pillar College’s M.A. degree in Ministry Leadership also offers:

  1. The M.A. in Ministry Leadership Program (MAML Program) is a 48-credit program that offers spiritual, theological, and academic training in Organizational Leadership and Ecclesial Ministry.
  2. The MA in Ministry Leadership Program (MAML Program) delivery is in a cohort-based scheduled format, 8-weeks course rotation, and face-to-face course instruction.
  3. A distinctive of Pillar College’s approach includes the integration of the Judeo-Christian worldview and faith-based values into the professional curriculum.

Unique Benefits and Features:

  • A biblically-based personal foundation for practical ministry leadership, including a “consequential” relationship with Christ.
  • An ability to assess and respond to the spiritual and practical needs of a community in collaboration with social services agencies.
  • Competencies required for individual, team and group leadership.
  • Diagnostic and prescriptive knowledge to engender holistic church health.
  • An ability to apply leadership principles to Christian ministries designed to strengthen communities.

Core Curriculum Courses

BSCM-505 Leadership for Church and Mission
BSCM-615 Pastoral Care and Counseling
BSCM-620 Community Development and Services
BSCM-630 Advanced Homiletics
BSCM-680 Field Experience

The MA in Ministry Leadership Program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in a variety of settings including, however, not limited to:

  • Churches (pastors, educational leaders, para-church professionals, missionaries, youth leaders, teachers, worship leaders, and chaplains)
  • Chaplaincies in various communities and venues
  • Non-profit organizations

Concentration in Healthy Leadership and Ministry

The concentration in Healthy Leadership and Ministry is geared towards shaping tomorrow’s church leaders. It gives students a rock-solid foundation in pastoral care and emotional health, to best prepare them to promote and perform ministry to their congregants as well as the community at-large.

Required Concentration Courses:

BSCM 601 Pastoral Self Care
MINL 545 Principles of Church Stewardship
MINL 625 Urban Church Experience

Concentration in Church and Community Transformation

The concentration in Church and Community Transformation equips students with the tools and knowledge to affect meaningful change throughout the church, as well as the greater community. It places an emphasis on church and community planning, as well as organization and development. Graduates will be empowered to assume their role in the next generation of Christian leadership.

Required Concentration Courses:

MINL 610 Effective Ministry Planning
MINL 621 Church and Community Organizing
ORGL 610 Leading Change

Concentration in Women in Ministry

The concentration in Women in Ministry empowers tomorrow’s Christian leaders, building a strong framework for women to thrive in the ministry. At the heart of the program is a robust focus on contemporary women’s issues, particularly those pertinent to pastoral leadership, pastoral care, ministry to women, and self-care.

Required Concentration Courses:

BSCM 601 Pastoral Self Care
MINL 545 Principles of Church Stewardship
WMNL 501 Biblical Perspectives and Women
WMNL 505 Pastoral Leadership for Women
WMNL 530 Ministering to Women
WMNL 630 Contemporary Issues for Women

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Meet the Program Chair

Brian Rawls, PhD.
Chairperson, M.A. Ministry Leadership

60 Park Place, Suite 701
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