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Master of Arts Degree

Deepen your understanding of human behavior and enhance your career

Impact the World and the Lives of others with A Master’s Degree in Counseling. Complete in as little as 5 Semesters.

The MA in Counseling Program (MAC Program) is designed to provide students with a 60-credit cohort-based, comprehensive academic and experiential education. Training is provided in the field of counseling and the specialty area of marriage, couple and family counseling from a Christian worldview. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the counseling profession, counselors’ personal dispositions, clinical expertise and cultural proficiency for preparation to provide mental and emotional wellness services to clients/families from culturally diverse backgrounds. The MA in Counseling Program meets the requirements of the National Certified Board of Counselors (NBCC) and the New Jersey Licensure as a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) and Licensed Professor Counselor (LPC).

    *Core Curriculum Courses
    COUN 550 Counseling Skills
    COUN 580 Orientation to Professional Counseling
    COUN 590 Group Process and Practice

    *Biblical Counseling Courses
    COUN 510 Biblical Foundations for Counseling
    COUN 615 Spiritual Formation and Biblical Counseling

    *Marriage, Couple & Family Courses
    COUN 620 Marriage and Family Counseling I
    COUN 625 Marriage and Family Counseling II

    The MA in Counseling Program is designed to prepare counseling graduates for success in careers in:

    1. Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling
    2. Clinical Mental Health Agencies (public and private settings)
    3. Psychiatric Hospital Units/Treatment and Case Management
    4. Private Practice
    5. Educational Institutions – including academic advising, college counseling services, student affairs/campus life and career counseling centers
    6. Churches and Parachurch Ministries, Church Counseling Ministries and Services
    7. Pursue a Doctoral degree in Counseling

    Meet the Program Chair

    Maxine A. Bradshaw, Ph.D., MBA; M.Ed.  B.Sc.
    Associate Dean and Professor of Psychology and Counseling 

    60 Park Place, Suite 701
    Newark, NJ 07102

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