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Biblical Studies

Bachelor of the Arts Degree
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Dr. David E. Schroeder School of Biblical Studies

Concentrations: Chaplaincy, Church Leadership, Christian Counseling, Urban Ministry

The Biblical Studies program prepares individuals for a career in a variety of ministries in the Christian church, Christian education, the mission field, social work and services, media and technology, and chaplaincy work. The Biblical Studies Department offers courses in Biblical Studies proper—including both Old Testament and New Testament, Christian Ministry, Church History, and Christian Theology. A seminary track is also available for those who desire preparation for graduate school in ministry which includes a study of the original languages of the Bible.

Unique Benefits and Features:

  • This degree is also offered through Pillar College’s LEAD (Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree) program. Through LEAD, the Biblical Studies degree can be completed in as little as 4 Semesters.
  • Our highly credentialed and experienced academic staff offer a rigorous program of study with practical application principles for life and service for our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Our small class size, allows us to engage with our students on a personal level, offering counsel and prayer as well as excellent teaching. We care about our students!
  • With the new David E. Schroeder School of Biblical Studies Scholarship, students who enroll in the BA in Biblical Studies program, will have the chance to receive a high quality degree at a cost that is completely affordable.


There are currently four concentrations, including Chaplaincy, Church Leadership, Christian Counseling and Urban Ministry. A seminary track is also available for those who desire preparation for graduate school in ministry which includes a study of the original languages of the Bible.

Concentration in Chaplaincy

You’ll find Chaplains in virtually all aspects of modern life. From multinational corporations to the military, from hospitals to law enforcement and more, Chaplain ministries play a crucial role in the lifeblood of the organizations in which they serve.

The Pillar College BA in Biblical Studies offers a unique Concentration in Chaplaincy. It explores in-depth the foundations, history, practice, legal foundations, and Biblical basis of Chaplain ministries. This innovative Concentration includes both theoretical and hands-on learning opportunities, as students will hear from a wide range of guest speaker Chaplains, who will explain the nature of their role and duties in organizations such as:

  • Military
  • Healthcare/Hospice
  • Corporate
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Departments
  • Corrections

A major component of our Chaplaincy Concentration is our Clinical Pastoral Education program, where students actually get to practice as a chaplain-in-training at places including hospices, prisons, nursing homes and more. This hands-on experience proves invaluable in terms of evaluating and understanding their responsibilities as they prepare for future work in this field.

Required courses:

  1. Introduction to Chaplaincy
  2. Introduction to Clinical Pastoral Education
  3. Introduction to Hospital Chaplaincy
  4. Introduction to Pastoral Care

Church Leadership

This concentration is an introduction to various aspects of church leadership, including church administration, leadership & integrity, preaching, pastoral care, counseling, and family ministry in a local church setting.
BSCM 224 Pastoral Ministry
BSCM 253 Nehemiah
BUSM 307 Leading Non-Profit Organizations
MGMT 303 Principles of Leadership

Christian Counseling / Personal Ministry

This concentration emphasizes the counseling aspects of ministry, including counseling methods, Christian peacemaking, multicultural counseling and emotional intelligence.
PSYC 102 Biblical Basis for Psychology and Counseling
BSCM 425 Youth and Family Counseling
PSYC 406 Conflict Theory/ Christian Peacemaking
COUN 301 Counseling Methods

Urban Ministry

A concentration in urban ministry focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of ministry in an urban setting, including racial and ethnic diversity, multicultural ministry, discipleship, and social consciousness.
BSCM 245 Urban Ministry
CHHS 320 The Church in Global Context
SOCI 220 Racial and Ethnic Diversity
BSCM 253 Nehemiah

The Biblical Studies degree can lead to numerous careers including, however, not limited to:

Church Leadership, Christian Counseling, Urban Ministry, Mentoring and Discipleship, Christian Education, Priest or Pastor, Associate Pastor, Campus Minister, Denominational Administrator, Chaplain, Religious Education Teacher, Seminary Administrator, Campus Religious Coordinator, Counselor, Director of Religious Development, Missionary, Religious Staff Writer.

Dr. Peter Amerman Chair and Professor of Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Pillar College on Vimeo.


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Meet the Program Chair

Dr. Peter Amerman
Chairperson, B.A. Biblical Studies

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