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Applied Chemistry

Bachelor of Science Degree

Applied Chemistry

Concentrations: Consumer Product Development

The B.S. in Applied Chemistry with concentration in Consumer Product Development is the first and only one in New Jersey. More than a STEM science degree, the interdisciplinary integration of Applied Chemistry and Consumer Product Development will provide students with a foundation in the theory and practice of applied chemistry toward the development of consumer products, while also equipping students with the mastery of sound business practices of social entrepreneurship and innovation, professional presentation and communication skills, human resource leadership and development.

Students will master general, organic, analytical and surfactant chemistry, product development and business marketing. Our students will have laboratory experience starting in the first year. Through Pillar College’s collaboration with industry, government, business organizations, and local communities for experiential learning, graduates will have opportunity to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical and professional application in real-world environments that effectively prepare them for social entrepreneurship and innovation in STEM-related careers. Internship with partner consumer product manufacturers and marketers is a required component of the Applied Chemistry program; allowing students to experience actual product development. Upon graduation, students will be industry-ready to meet the needs of world’s leading consumer product companies.

Unique Benefits and Features:

  • Hands-on experience. In the laboratory, students will learn what goes into making products used for skincare, personal hygiene and oral hygiene.
  • The curriculum’s strong business component will equip students with the skills needed to be leaders, manager, or entrepreneurs in the field of Applied Chemistry.
  • Students will participate in project-based learning opportunities and community engagement with non-profit and for profit organizations

The Applied Chemistry degree can lead to numerous careers including, however, not limited to:
STEM-related careers including; academic research, forensic science, toxicology, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, clinical science and much more!

Meet the Program Chair

Robert Heffner, PhD
Chairperson of the Applied Chemistry Department

60 Park Place, Suite 701
Newark, NJ 07102

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