Academic Advising

Download the official overview of the Pillar College Faculty Advisor Program

Pillar College Pledge

The Pillar College Pledge – encourage students to make a symbolic commitment to persist to graduation. Hard color copies available upon request. If your student decides to sign the Pledge, collect the original, submit to the Academic Affairs office to scan and file an electronic copy. Reminder emails of the pledge can be emailed to students annually.

Download the Pillar College Pledge

College Student Inventory

CSI Survey Invitation – This College Student Inventory is designed to help identify areas of potential stumbling blocks that could lead to drop out. This 15 minute survey can be completed in a computer lab before meeting with you. It has been redesigned to allow the student to print the results immediately and bring them to their advisor for discussion.

Download the CSI Survey Invitation

Time Management

Time Management Schedule – Inspired by our recent academic advisor workshop… help your students manage their time and set priorities by having them map out all their regular responsibilities. Make sure students schedule in time for study, rest and worship (renewal with God).

Download the Time Management Schedule

Student Referral Form

Student Referral Form – do you sense that your student would benefit by meeting with a support specialist such as Academics, Career, Library research, Finances, or Spiritual Development? Have the student make the appointment while with you, give them the original to bring with them to their next appointment (keep a copy for your advising records).

Download the Student Referral Form

Courses and Degree Requirements

2015-16 Recommended Course Sequence

2015-16 Traditional Program Degree Requirements

(for previous years, please email Brian Schroeder, Registrar)

2015-16 LEAD Degree Requirements

(for previous years, please email Brian Schroeder, Registrar)

Other Forms and Links

Catalog Archive

Academic Petition Form

Student Registration Form

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form

March, 2014 Faculty Advising Training PowerPoint

Forms, schedules, degree requirements, and other relevant information are available on the Registrar’s page