Greetings from Dr. David Schroeder

Thank you for checking out Pillar College. We believe God leads people to Pillar because He has special plans for them. As a community of learners, we encourage one another to hear, follow and obey the One who makes sense of all truth, Jesus Christ. In that pursuit, we are shaped to be His disciples and to know His Word and learn to live and speak it out.

Jesus Christ is our lead faculty member; all others follow Him. Whatever academic program you choose, one thing is certain you will be on a path of personal transformation, as you interact with extraordinary faculty, staff, and students.

Pillar College is a new college being built on an old foundation. For over a century, the college has offered biblically-sound courses teaching men and women how to serve God, society and the church in a wide variety of fields. Since 2001, Pillar College has been the only evangelical college chartered by the State of New Jersey. Along with regional and professional accreditation, Pillar is authorized to offer federal, state and institutional financial aid.

Operating with education sites in Newark, Somerset and other suburban areas of central New Jersey, Pillar College offers a unique blend of spiritual enrichment, academic excellence, and social fulfillment.  The student body is a wide-spread spectrum of ages, races, interests, and personalities, reflecting the wide diversity of God’s kingdom and the metropolitan corridor of the Northeast.

Through godly instructors, rich curricula in career-shaping majors, spiritually enthusiastic students, enriching internships, and global learning experiences, Pillar offers you all you need to be equipped for your best future.

Perhaps God is calling you to add to the blessing of this rapidly growing, multi-cultural community of learning and faith. If so, we welcome you with joy.


President Schroeder

If you would like to have Dr. Schroeder speak at your event or church please email Shelly Bell at [email protected] or call (973) 803-5000 ext.1035