I would like to put before you an immediate need that will have a multi-generational effect if we do not act now. We are all pleased that the US government has enacted the CARES Act, which is helping individuals, businesses, and social agencies cope with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. We hope Pillar College will benefit from a loan to help our operational shortfall during these months. However, what I am most concerned about is our present students. With loss of jobs and inability to pay their tuition, many will drop out of the college, not get their degree, and therefore, not break the poverty cycle for their family.

That is why we have established the PILLAR CARES COVID STUDENT RELIEF FUND, and why we are appealing to you now. Pillar College serves several communities, including many who are at-risk financially. As the Coronavirus continues to threaten our nation, especially the NY/NJ area, we have already heard from a number of our students who have lost their jobs – and their ability to pay tuition.

Please help us keep these students in school by giving to our student relief fund. We need funds this month to give our students the answers they need NOW so they will be able to finish this semester, whether by the online courses we are now using or when we are able to return to our campuses.

As a college committed to educating, equipping, and inspiring our students, all of our faculty and staff are joining together to help us raise funds from our friends and family. The need is great. Please join with us and give at a level that will give you joy. Know that your investment today in the life of a student will put him or her on a path to economic stability because they will be able to complete their degree.

You may give by sending a check payable to Pillar College: 60 Park Place, Suite 701, Newark, NJ 07102 or go to our website www.pillar.edu/pillarcares.


Dr. David E. Schroeder

President, Pillar College

PS: Your gift toward education today can help eliminate poverty tomorrow