How Would You Spend $1.3M?

What is the best possible use of $1,340,716.43? Last year Pillar College gave that amount to 468 students.
We expect to award that much or more this year. These grants averaging $2,865 per student are generally split between semesters, and “fill the gap” between Federal grants, State grants, loans and personal funds, thereby enabling the 468 students in addition to financial aid to continue their dream. Many of our students work full-time and one third of our students live at or below the “poverty line”.
Will you help assure that these students can continue their enrollment?Why is this the best possible use of over $1.3 million? A large majority of our students are preparing for marketplace ministries that are the only hope for transforming the cities of New Jersey.
Your support makes this possible.


This year’s goal is  to close the gap for over 500 students and we cannot do this without you. Your gift today will ensure we can continue this mission and see more students reach their full potential. Would you consider a gift today?

As a THANK YOU for your donation to the Pillar Cares Fund a copy of Dr. Schroeder’s new book “The Lion, The Church and Warfare”.


Meet Frankie! Class of 2013

Growing up in a single-parent household with limited options in a low income urban setting, college did not seem as if it would ever be a reality for me. As I grew older, I tried to expand my horizons by going to different community and state colleges and bounced from major to major making little to no progress. When I was introduced to Pillar, I did not know what direction my professional life was going, but I knew that I wanted to deepen my relationship with the Lord and signed up for the LEAD program in Biblical Studies.

There were many obstacles along the way, as I had to learn that my past failures in higher education and life did not define me and I began to press forward to graduate with honors. Every step of this journey was paved ahead of me by the prayers and support of my friends, family and the Pillar staff, who believed in me before I could believe in myself.

Now 6 years after graduation, 8 years of a blessed marriage, Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees, 5 years of full time ministry and adjunct professor, I live to deliver the message to those feeling hopeless that they do not need to be defined by limitations that others place on them or the ones they place on themselves. Thank you Pillar and Pillar Cares supporters. I could not have made it this far without the financial assistance provided through the Pillar Cares Fund that enable me to now have paid off my student loans, and be able to live freely in my calling.

Frankie P. Pillar Graduate / Associate Pastor and Adjunct Faculty